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Mother with her Child

Are you ready for sleep?

From newborn
to toddler;
let us help establish
sleep habits
in your home.

About Alex


I'm Alex, Infant & Toddler Sleep Consultant and creator of Sweet Siestas LLC. I live in San Antonio, TX, with my husband and two boys, Hank and Lane.

Working two part-time jobs half of the week and having two boys home with me the other half, I knew I needed them to nap and sleep well so that I could get everything done! I researched with my first son and was able to get him to sleep through the night by 6-8 months old. After bringing our second home, he was not sleeping as well as our first did. I found more research and new tricks to get him sleeping well by the same age! It wasn't a fluke! I realized I wanted to share the knowledge and wealth of sleep.

A friend suggested I look into becoming a Sleep Consultant, and it has been amazing and rewarding to help families get the sleep they need!

When I am not helping families sleep train, I enjoy spending time with our extended family and friends catching up, cooking, and enjoying a drink. We are always on the go, but our schedule can be flexible while still following close enough for our boys to get the sleep they need.


Why Sleep Train?

  • Quality sleep is just as important for mental and developmental health as nutrition is.
  • Sleep Training provides little ones with the skills to put themselves to sleep on their own and build a foundation for healthy sleep for the future.
  • With sleep training, you will learn the right schedule for your little one as well as understand the science behind sleep including...
    • hormones and how they pertain to sleep,
    • timing to make sure your little one does not get over tired.
  • Sleep training takes the guess work out of it so that you and your baby can get the sleep you need.

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